Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hold on a second...are we supposed to believe that the GOP is really concerned about bipartisanship or the lack thereof? Since January 21st, it seems that the main objective of the Goofy Old Poots is to block any kind of efforts at bipartisanship. They have done nothing to work together, make strides, listen openly, or even attempt to make decisions based on what is good for the country. tap tap...psst...bipartisanship doesn't mean you get your way. It means you compromise.
So today they are claiming that the Obama administration is going to kill bipartisanship if it uses methods to push legislation through via the fastrack. I hate to break it to you bunch of blowhards, but there were no bipartisanship efforts to kill. You've made sure of that. Nice try.
Most likely while the first link in this post was being reported to the press via some grandiose announcement, the second link was actually making news. Worried about bipartisanship, huh?

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