Monday, May 25, 2009

Broadway Monday

reasons to be pretty Greg’s tight-knit social circle is thrown into turmoil when his off-handed remarks about a female co-worker’s pretty face (and his girlfriend’s lack thereof) get back to said girlfriend. But that’s just the beginning. As their relationship crumbles, their friends are pulled into the fray, and all are forced to confront a sea of deceit, infidelity, and betrayed trust in their journey to answer that oh-so-American question: How much is pretty worth?

reasons to be pretty has been met with critical acclaim and a growing cult following. This Neil LaBute play is not easy on the ears or sensitivities as it opens with an expletive-laden scream- fest that catapults the audience into the fray of a relationship's last breaths.

Eventually the show calms down and the important question of our obsession with physical beauty is addressed. Heart-wrenching realizations and dissolution's of relationships built on sand drive this poignant play.

reasons to be pretty is currently playing at the Lyceum Theatre and is nominated for three Tony Awards next month including Best Actor and Actress in a Play. The photos included in this post are both from the Broadway and Off-Broadway productions.

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