Wednesday, May 06, 2009

NYC day 1

Having a great time in NYC so far, of course.
We got here and checked into the hotel by 11 am, so we started off the trip with pretty much a full day to ourselves. We're staying at the Marquis in Times Square (I fully admit I am spoiled) and it a great place to be right in the middle of everything. Love it!
We sat in on the taping of Sirius Radio's Live on Broadway which is taped every Wednesday and features among Broadway stars, Seth Rudetsky whom we listen to daily and follow his hilarious deconstructions of all things Broadway on a regular basis. I hear you calling me a geek. It's okay. I'm good with it.
Then it was off to Zen Palate for the first of many awesome vegetarian meals. Those people know how to serve up a meatless meal. I'm trying to figure out how to kidnap a chef and bring him home for my own personal use. Just look at this Thai Chop Salad.
After picking up the first of many cups of coffee, we started the schlep up 51st to The Daily Show studios to claim our VIP tickets. What an interesting process!
One of my best friends from college scored us tickets that assured us great seats for the taping and a little extra attention. Let me just assure you guys that no person or germ is going to harm Jon Stewart or his staff! We were screened, scanned and Purelled! No joke! They made us use Purell hand sanitizer before we could go in! Hilarious! Jon claims to not be in charge of the germ patrol, and blamed it on the fact that the building is "full of Jews. And we are afraid of everything."
Pretty funny! Also, they are soooo serious about not using cameras or phones during the taping. They asked, pleaded, warned and threatened us to nt take out any cameras or cell phones once in the studio and you know as well as I do that some crazy girl took out a phone, used it, hid it, wouldn't give it up, then argued with the bodyguard until he finally won and took her phone and ID. She pouted the entire taping and we laughed at her.
Our show featured George Stephanopoulos and Dan Rather in a 'fro wig and mutt 'n chops. Classic. Hope you catch it!
After that, off to Zen Palate
for dinner and now we are back in the room taking a break. Going down to say hi to Steph in a few. What a great start to the stay!
*post saying hi to Steph: I just love love love that girl. Genuine, sincere, totally robbed for the Tony noms. Going backstage on Friday.

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