Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Wanda Sykes Strong. Outspoken. Funny. Bold. Assured. Adorable. No sillies, not me!...Wanda Sykes.

Wanda has been in the news a lot this week due to a hilarious turn at the podium of the White House Correspondents Dinner. Not everyone (read: the Right)* appreciated her jokes about Rush and proceeded to skewer her in the news, but I have a feeling that attention only contributed to the next set of stand-up jokes. Way to make lemonade!
Wanda also became the first openly gay woman of color to speak at the annual event. Another feather in her already heavily decorated cap.
You can see her in many films and defunct sitcoms, but currently she plays the hilarious business partner and "life partner" to Julia Louis Dreyfus on The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS.*Righties have taken every opportunity to condemn Wanda for her joke, but no one said a peep when Bush himself made jokes about not being able to find WMDs or Bin Laden at one of his Correspondent's dinners. Now let's joke makes fun of a bloated drug addict radio host, the other jokes about sending us into an unnecessary war. Wow, these people have a priority problem.

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