Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Gwen Stefani
I saw Gwen on Ellen last week and was reminded of how much I like her. There is just something about a girl who takes charge onstage that is hot to me.
It's not that I am particularly attracted to her looks as much as it is's see...her swagger. That's it! Yeah, her swagger! And Gwen swaggers best when she is fronting No Doubt. As the lead singer of this group and it's only female, she swaggers and poses the hell out of that stage, taking charge and daring the crowd to not follow.
Gwen has also managed to forge a very successful solo career, and although I much prefer the music of No Doubt and the persona Gwen sports when in the group, I admit that she has some very catchy tunes that I find irresistible as well. Let's just say that I buy whatever she is selling.
The other attraction for me is that she has figured out a way to balance a successful career and be an involved mother. There's nothing hotter! Readily available are pictures of Gwen, hubby and babies strolling, shopping, and playing in the park.

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