Friday, June 05, 2009

My lovely and I got our knickers in a twist Tuesday morning following game one of the Women's College World Series and we decided to tell everyone about it. Well, at least those
that read The Gainesville Sun.
Just take a look at the letters to the editor we fired off to both the paper and the newscaster who inspired them:
Chose your words wisely, Astengo
I can't help but wonder how Urban Meyer or Billy Donovan would feel had TV20's "talent" chosen to use the phrase "stinking it up on the national stage" upon their first visits to the National Championships.
Hank Astengo chose those hurtful words on the June 2nd broadcast following game one of the Women's Championship World Series.
I'm positive that words would have been chosen more wisely had he been talking about the men's programs. Once again, The Boys Club chose to perpetuate a negative attitude instead of encouragement or support for the women's program.
Xoxixtx Xwxrxx,*

Disrespectful of women's sports
Our Lady Gator softball team is in the Women's College World Series, and Hank Astengo from TV20 chose this statement to close his piece on June 2, at 6:30 a.m. about the women's softball team's performance the night before in game one: "Florida, stinking it up on the national stage".
I don't think that I have to tell you how crushing a comment that was to the players and the fans who stand by the team no matter how they play.
Jxnxixfxr Xxxxx, *

The paper edited/chopped up our original letters which were a bit longer and far more pointed and disappointed in the sportscaster, but the point is that the entire town knows our feelings! The sportscaster also replied to us via email. Don't be impressed. He copied an pasted the same response to both of us. Classy.

*identities have been altered to protect the outspoken

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