Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Gator Women's Softball
Gainesville has been held captive by the Women College World Series for the last two weeks and the phenomenal 2009 Lady Gators are the reason! We had a stellar, record-breaking year that culminated in a trip to the championship game. In the end, the Washington Huskies won the series crown with the final game score of 3-2. Although the girls will leave with only a faint taste of victory, the exposure and momentum created by their trip to the 'ship will not soon be forgotten.
Congratulations girls!
You were fabulous!

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Revday said...

Eye candy that speaks to me! Sexist much? Uh yesh excushe me I need to wipe off the drool. Did I spit on you? Good. Tee Hee.