Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Alice Ripley I could only think of one person to be this week's Wowee, and what a week this girl has had! Alice Ripley is still fresh off a much deserved Tony win for her portrayal of bipolar Diana Goodman in Broadway's Next to Normal.

Alice's first Tony nomination came in 1997 for her role as Violet Hilton, in Sideshow which told the story of conjoined twins. Take a look at this stunning Tony performance:

I had the opportunity to speak with Alice after a matinee when I was in the city last month. Her performance provided me with an unavoidable urge to thank her for the stunning work she is doing in this show. I walked away amazed at what a wonderfully quirky, talented, devoted, genius, person she is. It's the first time I've been asked by a celebrity to be their friend on Facebook! Weird, but of course I did it anyway because I'm curious like that. Totally worth it too! I'm convinced that Alice's work in Next to Normal is making a difference and touching lives daily.

Alice has also appeared in Tommy, and The Rocky Horror Show, on Broadway as well as dabbling in art, punk rock, standards and solo recordings. Alice's music is featured in today's sidebar but can also be heard in the lobby of our chiropractic office daily!

2009 Tony Awards performance:

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