Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Cristiane Amanpour
I think Cristiane Amanpour is just dandy.
She is poised, smart, confident, and I feel, trustworthy. I know it sounds odd, but I feel a bit smarter having watched any package she delivers, no matter the topic.
Cristiane has been an international correspondent for 18 years. Name a major international crisis and she has been there delivering the in depth facts and information most journalists gloss over or skip all together.

Christiane began as an entry-level assistant at CNN in 1983 and worked her way up to international correspondent in 1990. She has covered wars, famines, genocides, and natural disasters around the world. Her name has become synonymous with exclusive in-depth interviews with leaders from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Cristiane is a decorated journalist around the world having garnered Emmys, Peabodys, an Edward R. Murrow Award, as well as six honorary degrees from various distinguished universities worldwide. In 2007, Amanpour was made a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her "highly distinguished, innovative contribution" to the field of journalism.


Revday said...

Is she your long lost sister? You favor. See picture two. Really.

g8rlane said...

I will def take that!