Saturday, July 11, 2009

This story encapsulates my reasons for loving where I live, and at the same time hanging my head in shame.
Most of the time I am bathed in the love and acceptance of our town and how incredibly open and inclusive we can be to everyone.
Then there are times when I just think we will never pull ourselves up from the muck of fundamentalism.

I just keep thinking, if Gainesville, Florida can't get it right, who ever will?

I had a link to an awesome video on this story and how great Gainesville residents can be, but the story has been taken down. All that remains is the bickering between sides on a rickety bulletin board. Sorry. Watch the one above for a good idea of what is going on.

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Bren said...

Yes, and the bible is such a sweet and nice story. No violence or hatred or oppression in the Christian bible... I pass by Oak Dale Baptist Church almost every day and think their message board is filled with intolerance and hate. Dove Outreach has managed to trump their hateful messages. Thanks, Dr Jones.

This type of blatant intolerance really makes me sick.