Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Brooke Shields She has been a part of our celluloid life for a long time, but somewhere during the time we were having lives, gaining/losing weight, and having babies and breakdowns Brooke Shields was doing the same thing... except she got HOT-TER in the process! What the..?!
I have always carried a torch for Brooke, but kept it dialed back to a low flame. I fell in love with her during the Blue Lagoon/Endless Love portion of her career and chalked it up to hormones because let's face it, I was an adolescent who was struggling with the gay and she was bee-yoo-tee-ful!
No longer struggling with the gay, I still think Brooke is stunning, and last week during the memorial for Michael Jackson, I fell in love all over again as this beautiful woman shared her love and grief with all of us, again making that connection that endeared us so many years ago to both her and Michael. She was touching, and sincere, and honest, and simply wow.

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Bren said...

Agreed! And she is hilarious! I'm always surprised that someone so beautiful can also be so funny!