Friday, August 07, 2009

City Issue

Two weekends ago we had to go to Atlanta for continuing ed classes. The rush is on to get all hours done by December which isn't a bad thing except 40 hours of CEU's is a tough order to fill when it's already August, but I digress. So we were in Atlanta for some stimulating (read: dizzying) talks on the brain, the nervous system, neurons firing, bzzzzz..bzzz....and then my brain started to sizzle so I took a break! My lovely didn't have that luxury and stayed, but I ventured to my most favorite spot in Georgia: City Issue (cue angels singing)
If I have already talked about what a great store this is, forgive me and sit back to listen to some more gushing! City Issue is a vintage furniture store that, in my opinion, rivals some we have seen on the west coast as far as quality is concerned and absolutely top notch when it comes to selection and service!
The owner, Jennifer Sams, and her team are extraordinary and make us feel right at home no matter the size of our purchase, or lack thereof. I admit that sometimes I just go in there to look around and satisfy that small, tiny part of me that likes to shop.

So this visit was no different except that the inventory was filled with many pieces fresh from Denmark and in exquisite condition. Other than the aforementioned California, we have had trouble finding good, clean affordable pieces at a dealer. We have seen plenty of so-so, dirty, and overpriced, however.

I started mentally tagging things to consider, and sent pics to my lovely in search of guidance. Long story short, a few hours later we were back down at the store before closing time measuring and negotiating. We have been in the market for new desks for some time and just couldn't decide on the look. The desks we were interested in at this store were snatched up for a movie set the very day before we arrived!

Once in the store, it was obvious that this was the beauty we were meant to take home anyway:

It's a teak partner's desk from Denmark and it is in gorgeous condition! It has a kneehole and drawers on both sides so we can both use it. One great thing about it is we got rid of two desks and have configured the den for just one desk. Yay! More room for dog beds...
wooing us with an in-store demonstration

It can be a regular sized desk when contracted or if you pull out one or both arms it expands to a huge desk with a expansive workspace or dining table that seats eight. Of course, all of this also comes with the neat little features we have come to know and love from Danish design of that era: cute drawers with storage units, and the hideaway arms that seamlessly meld into the smaller footprint. The lines are sleek, the surfaces are smooth with age, and best of all it fits like a glove in our house!

Okay, so enough about the desk. If you know where we live, come on by to drool in person...wear a bibb though, we're talking vintage here.

Our other great find was the beautiful tension rod lamp at the head of the desk in the photo. We have been searching for one of these for awhile now and never feel quite at ease with the quality on the internet. This one is almost mint condition and perfectly fits our decor! It is a wonderful addition to the collection.

We also picked up a few decorative pieces that look fabulous as well:
The beginning of our Dansk peppermill collection by Jens Quistgaard

Vintage glass vases

Teak ice bucket also by Jens Quistgaard

So if you are in Atlanta and love vintage furniture, look no further than City Issue. Jennifer will hook you up!


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