Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Jane Fonda
You know how we sometimes just assume someone is really cool, smart, fashionable and just an all-around good person, but they kind of quietly stay in the background of the scene? That's kind of how Jane Fonda has always been for me---until recently. By the way, how gorgeous is this first picture?

I started paying closer attention to Jane this year because she was starring in the Broadway play "33 Variations" She also pioneered the role of Judy Bernly in the movie "9 to 5" which just so happens to be the role my bff, Stephanie J. Block, pioneered on Broadway this year. I know! Great coincidence!
Jane became and continues to be a polarizing figure to a large portion of our population due to her very public opposition to the Vietnam War. Here in the south, (cue banjos) we still see negative comments on bumper stickers and clothing, especially during an election cycle. Jane had a little surge in negative popularity during John Kerry's run for president as she got swept up in the Swift Boat attacks which paired the two and questioned their patriotism. Have you seen Barbarella? Maybe you should do a little Oggling..I mean Googleing and see what you are missing. hint: a are missing a lot. Look at this form! Did you know that she made 23 workout videos? Her first release Jane Fonda's Workout sold over 17 million copies. Just like she has always done, Jane Fonda keeps up with the times, even in the technilogical Tilt-A-Whirl of today. Never one to let time or trends pass her by, Jane has an incredible website and blog, Facebook page, and my favorite, her Twitter account.
Jane is an actress, activist, author, instructor, and one of the most benevolent personalities in Hollywood. It is a joy to watch her weave in and out of the mainstream fabric and continue to make a difference, a change, and best of all still stir emotions after all these years. Look at that conviction and pride in her cause!

Think this is a great pic? Me too! I like it so much that I will be donning it soon via an awesome t-shirt found on her website. No, I will not be purchasing the clutch, Bren! My goal is to be half this cool when I am 71!

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Bren said...

She is amazing! I love the fact that she has pioneered and supported women's causes for many years. She truly cares about people.

Thanks for the shout out! :)