Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Alicia Silverstone So now that Alicia Silverstone is an adult is it okay to think she is hot? Am I officially not "robbing the cradle" anymore? Thank you.
Alicia has been in several teen targeted movies that ran in the 90's including Clueless, The Crush, and Batman and Robin (who knew a rubber batsuit could look so good?)

Like most, I began drooling over Alicia when she debuted in the Aerosmith video "Cryin'" There was just something about her badass attitude I enjoyed, and that little crooked smile/smirk didn't hurt either!

Now a beautiful woman, Alicia spends a lot of her time speaking on behalf of PETA and trumpeting the joys of being vegetarian.
With this kind of promotion and testimonial, the meat council must be shaking in their bloody boots.


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And thanks for sharing the video. I just love the ending. LOL!!!