Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Ben & Jerry

We all know them by their first names. Frankly they are the Cher and Madonna of the ice cream world. Because who need a last name when you are this good?

Always keeping up with the times and the pulse of America, the ice cream moguls are forever announcing a new flavor that resonates with the people, fills their bellies and and of course insures the brand's long life. It's impossible to resist limited edition flavors that take a stand or support a cause like ONE Cheesecake Brownie-Make Poverty History, or Imagine Whirled Peace yet still purchasing good ole' standards like Cherry Garcia , Chunky Monkey, and Coffee Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Well kids, they've done it again. Just when I though I had broken my dependency on ice cream, (a girl can dream) Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have made it a no brainer that I will be buying at least one more pint of the deliciousness that is the former flavor Chubby Hubby.

Behold the newly renamed flavor in support of same-sex marriage, Hubby Hubby!

Genius, thoughtful, forward thinking, inclusive, bold and yet as tasty as ever! Bravo!

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Bren said...

Now that's how I like my ice cream!!!!