Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gay's Anatomy

Now I don't want to be hyper-sensitive about this, but all the hoopla over bigot Isaiah Washington is getting on my nerves. My initial reaction was "Why couldn't he just keep his big mouth shut and let things go?" My current reaction is "So glad you opened your big fat bigotty mouth again so everyone knows just how much of a homophobe you really are!"

I mean really. First of all, this shouldn't even be a topic because it should have died after he apologized the first time. However, now that he has used the term AGAIN, in front of the cast and the world, he should be fired. He not only dug up an old topic, completely deflated the big Golden Globe win for Grey's Anatomy, but he also thrust TR Knight back in to the spotlight of an embarrassing moment. Did you see TR on Ellen this week? He was truly at a loss for words and extremely embarrassed.

All I am saying is that if Isaiah had been called a particular slur, not once but twice, the offender would be out of a job. Period. You know it and I know it. But, since homophobia is the last acceptable prejudice, I bet he will remain employed and continue to bash gay people every chance he gets.
Public celebrity apologies are hard for me to accept. It just seems too easy to backpeddle.

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