Monday, September 03, 2007

I must brag a bit, and share that my favorite Broadway superstar, Stephanie J. Block, had a fabulously sold-out show at NYC's Birdland last Monday night of which I was unable to attend due to massive renovations previously scheduled at the house.
However, I felt the need to let her know that Jen and I were thinking of her and wished to be there, so I sent flowers to the club.

How jazzed am I to find our flowers in this pic of Steph getting ready for the show!

Even more jazzed am I to get this email a couple of days later!

I'm looking at my flowers right now...I must sniff them
20 times a day. Thank you so much!
It was great to open the card and see they came from you.
The show was tons of fun and we raised
about $3200 for charity so I feel good about that!
Thanks again!xxSteph


Anonymous said...

That is so cool!! Hope the bathroom project is going well. I can honestly say I know there must be destruction prior to reconstruction. It is a pain, but the finished project will be worth it:)) RN

Revday said...

Ahh... you shameless skirt chaser!
I am glad to hear your star-crush is still making you happy. I keep waiting for Captain Jack Sparrow to bring my ship on in. Where is a bloody pirate when you need one? Blessings and Love from the Renegade Rev.

Anonymous said...

So it's Steph now that you are bffs.... bh