Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The list of Republican disgraces in public seems to be growing by the day. Clearly, there are too many to count. The number of Bush Administration officials who have fallen from grace because of corporate scandal or unlawful dealings within the government is astounding.

However, nothing grabs the headlines like a political sex scandal. If we can put a naughty sex spin on a politician---we love it. However, I am puzzled by the double standard the Republicans have placed on their little problem of sex with strangers.

David Vitter(R) --outed as a client in the DC Madame case; currently still serving as Senator and campaign manager for Rudy Giuliani

Larry Craig (R) --plead guilty for soliciting sex from an officer in a MN airport bathroom; resigned today from his position as Senator after heavy pressure from the Republican party

Both of these guys were caught soliciting some form of sexual favor, both are Republicans, both were Senators elected by their constituents, but only one was forced to resign from his position.

Whats the big difference? Apparently hooking with the opposite sex is perfectly okay, hooking with the same sex is nowhere near to towing the party line which takes the stance of bashing and demonizing gays at every turn.
Same Shit. Different Day.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. Same crime, different punishment. That sucks, but both of these men are losers in my eyes. It seems like the more self-righteous the person is the more likely they are doing the things they protest so vehemently against. I'm so sick of hearing the term "family values". When I hear those words I just think about what hypocrites these politicians are and how family values is code for "lets pretend we aren't liars and cheaters and try to fool everyone until we get caught with our pants down.... Let's vote for family values and against gay rights while we do all the things we tell you not to do". bh