Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cinderella dressed in yella,went upstairs...

Most of my week blogwise has been spent trying to figure out when is the best time to enter in the game of jump rope currently happening on the campaign trail.

Just when I think I'm ready to say something, the headline changes and sometimes my mind changes. One thing that hasn't changed this week is the glaring evidence that we are just too damn focused on a candidate's religion. Jeeez! I'm so sick of reading/hearing about a candidate's faith. Good Lord! Does anyone remember the idea of separation of church and state? It seems to me that we've forgotten all about it in the last several years because the line has been completely erased. So this kind of behavior is just status quo.

If we're going to focus so much on the topic of a candidate's religion, let's keep in mind what that has gotten us in recent years. We've got a Supreme Court stacked with wingnuts, James Dobson roaming the halls of the west wing, and a president who most likely hides his coke vials in a secret compartment of his Bible, all the while hiding behind the cloak of religion. Walk the walk, big boy!

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