Friday, February 08, 2008

Does this make me a bad person?!

Some of you know that my lovely is away for a few days at the Parker Seminar in Las Vegas. I was suposed to go, but the dog sitters went on vacation this week so I needed to stay here. How dare they.
Historically, the first night in the house alone, I don't sleep well. I'm up a lot, I'm nervous, I'm afraid I will sleep walk and do something stupid and there will be no one here to stop get the idea. And that is again what happened. So last night, night #2, I was looking forward to sleeping like a baby due to exhaustian from the previous night. All was going well. I fell asleep at a respectable hour and was indeed sleeping like a baby until 2:30 am when the house alarm went off. Ever had this happen? On a normal night when we are all here, it is extremely unsettling. Couple that with the fact that I am home alone and sheer panic and terror set in as well as being jolted awake from a dead sleep. By the way, this occurance does wonders for depleting your adrenals!
So the alarm company calls to make sure we aren't under attack, and to get the passcode which makes sure I am not the intruder. Hyperventilating, I give the code and ask which door is the problem and wouldn't you know it's the one RIGHT NEXT TO THE CONTROL PAD and I need to enter the code to shut off the ear piercing alarm
Did I mention I am here alone and, by the way, the dogs don't even bother to get up and protect me!
Long story short, I know right, there is no intruder, but one of the door sensors is acting up...possibly. Crime Prevention Monitors, here's a tip: SPEAK IN ABSOLUTES! There should be NO guessing when it comes to a possible break-in and your conversations with the homeowner!

So here is the part where I might be a bad mother/person: I made Mason walk into all the closets and bathrooms on the first floor while I stood away with my finger on the last 1 of 911 which I dialed just before sending him off to forcibly protect me. I'm awful.


Revday said...

If your baby were human you would be a very problematic mom and I would be seeing your kid in therapy. Since your child is a canine you did the right thing. OMG I would have been very scared. Well done on the self protection angle. I wish more women would take that kind of care instead of trying to be all tough and stuff. I hope tonight is better for you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mason! He is just not used to acting like a canine! Heehee!!! Girl, you did the right thing! But, I guarantee, he would have been going crazy if someone was really lurking around the corner. He is a smart boy. bh