Monday, May 26, 2008

Broadway Monday

The Lion King "THE LION KING is a dramatic adventure story that explores the circle of life: growing up, journeys, parent-child relations, responsibility, stewardship and the connectedness of all things." As I prepare to write about this show, I find that it is almost impossible to accurately describe every exquisite detail and every flooding emotion that this show delivers from the stage. The detail, beauty, planning and overall love required to pull off this show is amazing.
I loved the animated version of this story when it came out in movie theaters, but I had no idea that the night I saw it on the Broadway stage would forever change my mental picture of this classic story of the circle of life. The genius that is Julie Taymor brought this production to life and garnered multiple Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Costume Design.
This show was my first Broadway show, on my first trip to New York. Wow what a way to start a love affair with Broadway and New York City! The opening number of The Lion King knocks the audience members over like a ton of bricks as it encompasses the entire theatre and grabs each patron by the heart. Tears can't help but fall. Pause the sidebar music and have a look for yourself:

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