Thursday, June 05, 2008

By now, you've no doubt figured out that I love music. One of my most favorite things of the day is picking out a song for my post. It may be pertinent to the topic. It may not. It might make a light bulb moment happen. It might leave you scratching your head. Either way makes no difference to me. I'm fully aware that I may be the only one to get the joke or meaning, and that's okay. I just love that music can yank on our emotions be that up or down.

While picking today's music, I ran over "The Wings". It's the main theme from "Brokeback Mountain" IMHO, it is one of the saddest pieces of music I have ever heard. If you haven't seen the movie, it may not have this effect on you. If you have seen the movie, then your chest may very well be as heavy as mine is right now.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful song. Beautiful move. bh