Tuesday, June 03, 2008

keffiyeh krapola or and one more thing...

Please tell me why this advertisement, basically a made up moment of a celebrity having a cool coffee drink in what looks to be the nation's capital city, and this REAL moment of our (gulp) president rubbing elbows and swords with Middle Eastern men prior to a powwow about how they are going to screw it to us yet again at the gas pump, are different?
Oh that's right...the right wing scheme machine wants to make a BFD out of a bubbly celebrity chef's style choice as opposed to looking at the facts surrounding our economy and how they are related to Bush's cozy friendship with the Saudis.
It's so much easier to pick on someone small, spin an obviously benign ad and make everyone in Redneckville now hate poor little terrorist loving Rachel Ray.

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