Tuesday, June 03, 2008

raise your right hand...

I had jury duty yesterday. (front row, 2nd from left) I also learned a lot yesterday.

#1 I pretty much don't like being with other people/strangers in group settings. I found myself, during down time, searching for the chair or corner that was far away yet within earshot of the bailiff.
#2 People either do not care or do not understand the term "casual business dress"


(this little gem also came sans bathing. ever.)

#3 I believe I found what I hope is the only lawyer to have graduated law school without taking a single English class in the process. We were instructed by said lawyer to "please answer the questions outloud orally" Screeechhhhhhh..........
All in all, it was rather enlightening and entertaining seeing as my day started out with the realization that I forgot my glasses. This great news was immediately followed by the fact that I had pranced up to the wrong courthouse (I didn't even know we had two!) So in a span of 15 minutes, this 40ish perimenopausal woman was relegated to leave the nice brand new courthouse across from the pizza place, and quickly schlept it in the Florida heat 4 blocks over to the old smelly courthouse inhabited with the city's homeless and one lone hot dog cart. I should have sensed the omen.

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