Tuesday, June 24, 2008

to grandmother's house i went

I've long since known this fact, but was reminded of it again this weekend:

My grandmother is the kindest, most-loving, good-hearted, sincere person I have ever known. I spent the day with her yesterday having lunch and helping with errands. She turned 85 last week, looks fabulous, and plays a mean piano heard in today's music from her church quartet! I grew up watching them perform countless songs in church, but this song is by far my favorite. I used to sneak to use her record player and listen to it over and over. Funny the things we do as kids.
My grandma has been by my side from day one. Always loving and supporting me no matter what. From my first steps as an infant to my first steps as a gay adult. Never a judgment. Never a harsh word. Only unconditional love and smiles taking the place of parents that can't or won't offer the same gift. Her "I love you" is special, different, heartfelt, sincere, and full. No one makes me feel better.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! bh

Revday said...

Awesome!! Love the music. So good to be loved. Blessings.