Thursday, July 24, 2008

big boy games

This post is merely to let all 3 of you know that I just beat Metal Gear Solid 4. Yep. This 41-yr-old girl finished a big boy game. On top of that, I defy you to find a big boy who finished it AND watched all of the cuts scenes. Geez the Japanese love the drama!

Woohoo for me!
edit: playing through for a 2nd time to use all the cool weapons acquired on the 1st. Who doesn't love a rocket propelled grenade launcher?!


Revday said...

I am soooo impressed and proud. You go girl. It is a fact, women in the military are better at everything combat, strategy, and team play related. Don't let the "big" boys fool ya. Men are best at carrying heavy objects. Women ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Women DO ROCK!!! bh

Anonymous said...

You go girl. rn