Tuesday, July 22, 2008

feeling like a bonafide grownup

We stumbled upon an estate sale a few weekends ago and found the most interesting/cool pieces for the house.

Much to our delight and advantage, most of the house was full of items which indicated that the clocked stopped somewhere in the mid 60's and early 70's.
We found this awesome teak buffet and hutch by ScanDesign and as luck would have it, it was exactly what we needed for the living room. BTW, we get an extra charge out of utilizing furniture differently than it's intended purpose. This piece looks so freakin' awesome in the room! An absolute steal at $300. It completes the groovy look we are magnetically pulled toward!
We went to pick up the hutch the next morning and found that no one had bought the matching table and chairs. Hmmm...we don't really need a set...but it's so beautiful...and it's in perfect condition...$250 you say? Well, okay, if you insist!
With the addition of these pieces, we are actually starting to feel like, and the house is starting to look all grown up! Now for some chotchkies...

Because we moved stuff all around, this great piece we got at West Elm, intended for behind the couch, now really sets off the foyer! We are going vintage shopping tomorrow in search of a starburst clock for the living room. Bowchickabowwow!


Revday said...

Ahhh, mid-century modern. I just realized I am mid-century modern born. Imagine that! You go chica's.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the hutch and the table. Man, they look like they are in PERFECT condition!!! Love the West Elm piece in the foyer. Groovy! bh