Thursday, July 17, 2008

I feel sure in saying that we as a nation/people/voters/lemmings are not intellectually ready for the satire intended on The New Yorker cover this week:
I mean, we just really aren't ready, or willing to see how ridiculous this topic actually looks when posed as a real news story every day on Fox News. There are too many Americans willing to fall for the easy pile-on mentality that has become our political environment. It's not that I agree with the decision to run this cover, (Lord knows it will be used against us) I just think that it should be more obvious to the editors that we can't understand this type of humor because it makes us think.
It's just pathetic that #1 this is happening in the first place and even needs to be a topic for discussion, and #2 in that light we are STILL too dumb to realize when we are being made fun of as a whole, and instead let the ignorant words "See! He is a terrorist!" slip from our lips.

We are so fucking rich.

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