Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm just sayin'...

The campaign attacks from McCain to Obama have gotten nasty this week. Looks like it will be messy until Nov 4th. I know desperation brings about, well, desperate acts, but it seems to me if your campaign is already in trouble, steering clear of any traps or contradictions would be a great idea. Need examples?

If you are going to dredge up the unsubstantiated rumor that Barack is a consort of Bill Ayers, former Weather Underground member, then you as the attacker should have a squeaky clean past that doesn't include say, The Keating Five/S & L Bailout debacle, right?

    John McCain at the Senate Ethics Committee hearing in 1991

    Oh yeah, click here to see what Barack was doing during the radical attacks by the Weather Underground.

If you are going to insinuate that Barack is unpatriotic, thinks less of America than average Joe-Six-Pack, and stop just short of saying that he himself is a terrorist, then wouldn't it be prudent to check the past dealings of your running mate and her spouse to be sure they are free of any activity that would appear to be un-American, like let's say membership in The John Birch Society?

PR photo of Palin on Wasilla City Council with an open copy of The New American, magazine of The John Birch Society

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