Friday, October 10, 2008

rules, schmules

So I decided not to live blog this week's debate because frankly I was exhausted from having a few nights of bad sleep. I admit it, I just couldn't hang so I chose to follow online and watch it live. What did you think about the debate?
Of course, I think Barack did an excellent job. He continues to look the most in control and presidential of the two. Cool. Calm. Level-headed. My biggest complaints regarding the debate came first for McCain and you can read about those anywhere online. He really has backed himself into a corner and can only go negative from now on, and now three days after the second debate that is exactly what he is doing.
So my beef comes for Tom Brokaw as the moderator. This link tidily wraps up some of the annoyances. The rules for this debate were agreed on by the candidates and designed to engage the audience and attendees. As it turned out, the moderator asked almost as many questions as the citizens(8 audience, 4 from Internet, 9 Brokaw), repeatedly chastised the candidates about time only when Obama went over and not McCain, did not remind them of the rule about not touching audience members even after McCain basically made out with a Navy audience member, and was it just me or did it seem like Barack got cut off and made to go second a number of times throughout the debate?
In the end, very little happened to change the current tipping of the polls in Barack's direction. McCain continues to bury himself in negative speak and it seems can't help showing what an angry little man he is. The biggest change for me came in the form of my opinion of Tom Brokaw. Now I see him as a biased bully journalist of sorts. Makes me sad he took over Tim Russert's chair, even for an interim.

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