Friday, October 10, 2008

Two weeks ago, Treasury Secretary Paulson bailed out American Insurance Group (AIG) with $85 billion dollars in taxpayer money - and now they are back for more asking for another $38 billion. Paulson said they needed it to stay afloat. Now, we know what they did with our money. AIG executives headed out on a taxpayer funded junket to the St. Regis resort in California. While there, they had a blast at our expense. They helped themselves to:

$201,047.42 for hotel rooms and $147,301.71 for catered banquets
$23,380 for the hotel spa and another $1,488 for the salon
Golf for $6,939.09 and $5,016.32 spent at the Tavern

Now they are back at the trough. This is outrageous. Tell Treasury Secretary Paulson: The Director who authorized this junket should be fired and every penny spent on this lavish retreat must be returned to the Treasury.

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Bren said...

Dave and I both sent a message. Same bullshit, different day. I get so damn sick of government waste and now THIS! Jeeezzzzzz!!!!!