Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wowee Wednesday

Helen Mirren
Pardon me, make that Dame Helen Mirren! So sorry!
So here is one of the Wowees that I've no doubt will make someone go, "Really?" Yes, really. Helen Mirren, should you take the time to notice, is freaking awesome!
With an absolutely incredible resume to back her up, Helen has become the kind of actress that raises the property value of the film merely by entering the frame. She has that enviable ability to be the dramatic actress you'd expect, yet wield a hilarious sense of humor which makes her all the more endearing. Regal, chic, and sophiticated.
Plus, how many 63-yr-olds do you know that can get away with this? Wowee indeed!


Bren said...

I've been saying FOREVER that Helen is one of the sexiest women EVER! I LOVE HER! I'm so happy she made your Wowee Wednesday. She is beautiful.

Revday said...

Gorgeous woman. Ubertalented. She can call me anytime! My number is.....