Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wowee Wednesday

Michelle Obama It is undeniable that our next First Lady is beautiful, smart, sharp, strong and exudes an all-around sincere positive glow.
Today at 2:30 I will get to see that glow as Michelle stops here for a rally in the heart of downtown Gainesville. I am so excited to get to see this dynamic woman speak about Barack's plans for our country!
Gainesville votes Democrat, so we rarely get an official campaign stop from any of the candidates, but when we do it is a huge event! Look for my pics in an upcoming post!

Isn't is going to be great to have a First Couple that looks this good and this still in love? I'm excited about the prospects of a true First Family in our future, lead by an astounding woman!

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Revday said...

Oh man, I am so jealous that you get to see her. Have fun!
Isn't wonderful to see the Obamas so sensual? Compare the sexless republicans we have been forced to look at the last eight years.