Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanks for the comments this week on the whole Prop 8-No on 2-Gay Marriage debacle. I agree 100% with everything said by those who posted and those who just told me to my face! I know it sounded like I was solely blaming the black vote for this result, and I do hold them responsible in part because homophobia in the black community is rampant and well known for some time. The only difference now is that we have an exit poll to prove it.
The question now seems to be: What is the definition of Civil Rights? Are there descriptors of color, religion, sexual orientation embedded in the definition? Here is a great blog post from Deborah Dickerson on MoJo yesterday:

In a forthcoming essay for MoJo in print, I wrestle with the question of how Obama moves us into a harmonious racial future. One point my verbosity kept me from is the requirement that Obama force blacks to answer the question of whether "civil rights" means what it says or really just means "black rights". If we're gonna talk the talk, we gotta walk the walk and explain why homosexuals should have their civil rights abrogated and why we, "America's conscience," are leading the charge to deny them the right to marry.
I'm not saying the argument can't be made. I'm saying that blacks aren't being required to make it. So, here it is in simplest terms, black people: Why is discrimination against blacks based on skin color immoral, but discrimination against gays based on sexual orientation moral?
We're waiting...

Ultimately, red and yellow, black and white...we are precious in His sight...oh sorry some old Baptist programming coming up there...oh wait--that fits, and it's true. Look at that.

Pause The Weepies,..the music...not your tears..and enjoy these incredible rants and exchanges found this week on this touchy topic. Can I just say right now how much I love Keith Olbermann?

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Keith Olbermann is a poet.