Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wowee Wednesday

Diane Keaton Those glasses, those gloves, that smile, that sense of humor...I know my fascination all started with how cute/butch she looked in Annie Hall, but I have come to absolutely love the Diane Keaton of the last 10 years in particular.
I think she is quick witted yet kind, self-assured, aging gracefully and stylishly, and an absolute icon who steals the scene every time. I'm now fairly convinced that I sat through at least four viewings of the three-hour long Reds as a teenager just because Diane was so charming and lovable in her role. I can't remember much about the Bolshevik revolution, but I remember Diane!
Even now when she is put in some stinker movies I can't help but take a peek to get a fix of this wonderful actress and the way she commands the screen.

Two Wowees in the same shot?...stop's too early for such excitement!

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