Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Groupie Surveys 42

So on my last day as a 41 year old, I'd like to share a shocking revelation from this week.
Long story short, I went to my first big concert when I was 16 (talked a guy into taking me because I didn't have s Sugar Mama yet or for that matter didn't know that I could get said Mama!) and although it was fun and one of the most memorable times in my life (the band, not the boy) I believe I suffered some hearing loss. I walked around with a high pitched 'wheeee' in my ears for days. I never told anyone and figured it would go away, and it did to an extent but of course some of it stayed as hearing damage is prone to do.
Fast forward to this week. I have a slight sinus infection which has clogged up my ears and made the 'wheeee' a bit pronounced and frankly it sounds like someone is sitting outside running a car that needs to visit Midas Muffler. It's a bit maddening. I keep halfway joking that my hearing just may be going already and I need to learn Sign Language ---quick!
So are you all a twitter wondering who is responsible for my hearing loss? Hmmm?
From now on when you hear this band you can think of me and the 'wheeee'. You can also think of how immensely gay I was when you look at these pics and notice that everybody who is not a girl looks looks like a femmy boy or a butch girl.
Now to be fair, these blokes also contributed to my audio reduction:

What? Amy Grant rocks out. Don't you for one second think that "Angels Watching Over Me" at a high decibel can't do some damage! I'm hear to say it can!
Ahhh, right now me and my wheeeeing ear are reveling in the awesome concerts I saw back in the day....I hope I feel the same when I'm 80 holding one of those old antique hearing aids to my ears. Maybe at that point I'll be lucky enough to hear a faint tune of "Rio" in my head.

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Revday said...

I hope you feel better and gain silence. Blessings.