Tuesday, January 06, 2009

there won't be anything left...

It has been what feels like years, but I am excitedly able to say season 2 of Damages is returning to the FX channel tomorrow night! I simply can't wait! In case you missed this smart engaging serial thriller from last season (plus the writer's strike, thank you) here is a synopsis from the show website:
DAMAGES is a legal thriller set in the world of New York City high-stakes litigation. The series follows the turbulent lives of Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) the nation’s most revered and reviled high-stakes litigator and her bright, ambitious protégé Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) as they become embroiled in a class action lawsuit targeting the allegedly corrupt Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson), one of the country’s wealthiest CEOs. As Patty battles with Frobisher and his attorney Ray Fiske (Željko Ivanek) Ellen Parsons will be front and center witnessing just what it takes to win at all costs, as it quickly becomes clear that lives, as well as fortunes, may be at stake.
So the synopsis sounds like a run of the mill drama, right? Let me tell you right now that not only is it not run of the mill, it is spectacularly different, engaging, thrilling and lead by the phenomenal Glenn Close who makes you hate/admire her character Patty Hewes and love/admire her more than you already do. Here is a trailer from Season 1 to whet your appetite:

Do yourself a favor, tickle your brain and take a look at the season opener of Damages on FX this Wednesday night at 10 pm EST. If you are already in the know and sitting in front of the TV, hands folded, waiting patiently...welcome back. Is it Wednesday yet?

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