Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wowee of the Year 2008

Looking back on a year of Wowee Wednesdays I thought it appropriate to choose a special Wowee from the bunch that stood out just a little bit woweeier than the rest, sort of a Wowee of the Year. My pick?
Rachel Maddow
Unless you are living under, or are, a rock you'd be hard pressed to miss this dynamo on the political field this year. Lord knows I have done my best to promote her so at least 5 more people know now!

In the last few months Rachel has been featured in a number of magazine articles including The New York Times, The Advocate, Mother Jones, New York, and even an adorable video giving us a cocktail mixing lesson on Grub Street.
The nerdy, wonky, dorkiness of Rachel have made her the secret crush of most everyone including guys, straight girls, sometimes straight girls and, of course lesbians. Go read any bulletin board comment section on Rachel and the second most identifiable theme is "I have a girl crush on Rachel" or "I don't know why I find myself so attracted to this lesbian, but I like it!"

That, my friends, is called charisma and Rachel has a truckload of it!
Get your fix of the Wowee of the Year nightly on MSNBC and Air America.

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Revday said...

Ok, I have a folder in my pictures of every picture of this doll baby I find. It's kind'a weird 'cause she is way to young and not really my type, much. But I think her personality is so wonderful and I always get attached to brains! So, yeah, this is one wowee, almost pin up, kind'a lesbian that I would love to talk to or, as I do every night, watch on the television machine.