Thursday, January 29, 2009

worth the wait

Our trip to California last September seems years away as I sit here bundled up in my fleece hoodie and flannel PJ's bracing for our "coldfront". (Here in Florida we get excited when the low temp starts with a "2"!)
Between the election and the holidays it's been hard to get any movies made, but my lovely sat down this weekend and cranked out another classic! I hope you enjoy the many scenes of our 10 days on the west coast. We had a spectacular time and made some great memories, then again, I love every day no matter how big or small when my girl is by my side. Enjoy! Don't forget to pause the awesome song playing first!

California Dreaming from g8rlane on Vimeo.


Revday said...

Ahh, California. Great vid. It's so fun seeing you two play together. I am smiling big. Thanx!

Bren said...

That Jen is awesome!!! She makes the best movies! Those palms and the beach and the beautiful women - makes me want to pack it all up and move!!!!