Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Tina Fey
She can act, produce,and direct. She's a multiple Emmy, Globe, and SAG award winner. She has the type of humor and outlook that when coupled with other talented comedians produces a hysterical humor that calls on its viewers to pay attention and think. gasp! shut up! Get out of my head Tina Fey!
I'm so glad Tina is finally getting recognition for her incredible work. The sitcom is now reaping the benefits of Tina's brilliance just like sketch comedy did for so many years, and we as viewers are the lucky beneficiaries.
Did you see the 30 Rock with a cameo from Oprah? Brilliant and hysterical! Here's a snippet, but to get the whole joke you'll need to bring the whole thing up on Hulu.

Wowee Tina Fey!

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Revday said...

Ok, you convinced me, I will watch the show. Did I ever tell you I dislike sitcoms?