Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Glenn Close Okay, so I'm going to show my affinity for smart strong women again...don't you just think of Glenn Close immediately when describing pivotal actresses of our time? I sure do! Movies, television, the Broadway stage, is there anything she can't do?
I can't think of one production in which Glenn didn't shine, no matter the size of the role, she is a fixture, a standard and a perfect touchstone for any story being told. Glenn was responsible for making an indelible mark on our psyche in the thriller "Fatal Attraction", made us look behind our backs in "Dangerous Liaisions", gave us a double-take in "Hook" and currently has audiences suspicious as hell in FX's "Damages" Glenn's filmography reads like a dream, and would use up too much bandwidth to list here so take a peek here if you wish! All that and she's not so bad on the peepers either!

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