Thursday, April 23, 2009

Barack, I am your father! Eeew! That's not even funny.

I think it's odd and quite calculated that Dick Cheney has reared his ugly head all this week in attempts to guide/dictate and influence our national conversation on torture. Okay so maybe it's not so odd that he is going about this in this manner. He is the definition of calculated, and cold, and evil, and the devil, and Darth Vader.

Never in the eight sad, lonely, dark years of the Bush Administration did we hear so much from Cheney. Now, when the stakes are the highest for him personally, we can't shut him up! He's everywhere weighing in on and attempting to rewrite the history and most importantly our opinion on torture. Great HuffPo article here.

Here's hoping Barack is strong enough to stay on course and not be swayed by the obvious and transparent attempts of a failed leader to protect his legacy.

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Revday said...

I totally get the connections between Darth and Cheney. But I always see the Penguin when Cheney talks. What the hay, two evil asshats are better then one when describing this disappearing man. Does that make three?