Friday, April 17, 2009

How proud am I of my BFF?
We always joke with Steph that she is like our little sister and how proud we are of her success. The more I think about it, she is just like the little sister I have sans the mental instability, rehab, unending drama, multiple engagements, and two divorces.
Yep just like that.


Camille said...

Okay, I think I am caught up on your blog (yes, I admit that I skipped over anything with Bush just because I didn't feel like reliving the nightmare). My conclusions? You are a very funny lady. And I'll have to check with my mom, but I think we might have been separated at birth.

g8rlane said...

Taking the description of my real sister in to consideration, you may be right!
You are forgiven for skipping the Bush stuff. However, his idiocy was the inspiration for me starting the blog in the first place.
Glad to have you as a reader!

Bren said...

I'm so buying her album when it comes out in June!!! You go, Steph!!!! Love the cover! Hey, are they still called albums? I'm a grandma.