Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Annie Lennox

Think back to the first time you saw Annie Lennox...If you are anything like me, you were excited, engaged, awestruck and giggly. My first image of Annie was most likely the same as yours. Something like this, right?:
I remember thinking "Wow. This is cool. She is wearing a tie, carrying a crop, and taking charge. I think I like her. No, I definitely like her. Orange hair! My mom will freak out. Great song. MTV is totally my favorite channel on the satellite dish..."
Thank goodness Annie outlasted our expectations of MTV, and emerged as one of the great voices of our time. It takes a talented, insightful artist to see past initial fame and truly make a career worth the accolades that are regularly heaped on Annie Lennox.
Singer, songwriter, humanitarian, trendsetter, and constant musical companion in my collection. What memories do you have of the beautiful Ms. Lennox?


Camille said...

Wowee, she looks wonderful!

And to give you a trying-to-catch-up-with-My-Brain update, I think I'm almost halfway through 2006. Great blog!

Bren said...

True that!