Tuesday, April 14, 2009

who you callin' skinny?!

You may have noticed a new sidebar list regarding the books I have read recently. I'm trying hard to read more although my video game activity is making it nearly impossible. I mean, how is information on food or enlightenment supposed to compete with a house full of brain eating zombies that may at any minute take over the world! I've got to have priorities people. Check out my "What I'm Playing" sidebar to keep up with my latest game obsession.

By far my favorite book I have read so far this year is "Skinny Bitch" by Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin. The title is obviously meant to grab the consumer's attention (read: diet obsessed women) and it does, but the best part of the book for me has little to do with the "skinny" slant.

This book is brimming, nay, overflowing with great information regarding one's food choices and how those food choices affect the body and the world around us. That feature alone would make this book interesting once picked up, but we all know that no one wants to be told that potato chips are bad for you. We know it. We eat them anyway. Another book wagging it's finger at you will go virtually nowhere as you shove your hand down in the bag for another handful. Rory and Kim smartly found the way to keep you engaged even when they tell you not to eat chips, drink cow's milk, drink coffee, eat meat or fish,...you get the idea.

I definitely recommend this quick, informative read because it guides you and informs you at the same time. I think that is the key. Tell me why ______ is bad for me and the world around me. Teach a man to fish, people. Teach a man to fish.


Camille said...

Is there a chapter on why Pasta Roni is bad for you? Erm, and when I say "you" I really mean "me". More importantly, is there a section on foods to eat to improve your zombie-smack-down skills? Erm, and when I say "your" I mean "your".

Glad I found your blog. If your hit counter goes crazy, don't worry. It's not a stalker. Just me trying to get caught up.

Revday said...

Lol! Glad you have your priorities sorted out. Keep us posted on how that all works out for you! Rotflol.

g8rlane said...

Welcome Camille! It's official!I'm bi-coastal! Easy, easy everybody...I said COASTAL!