Friday, May 22, 2009

just too long and angry for Twitter

Sitting here waiting for someone to show up to install heater for the pool. I left work to be here for the 9:00 appointment. It's 9:35. He's 35 minutes late. Again. No call. No text. No smoke signal.
Would it be wrong to smash him in the head with my "Getting Control of Your Anger" book?


Camille said...

I feel your pain. At some point you'll have the pool nice and heated and won't have to deal with vendors (till your next home improvement adventure, anyway). My better half got many calls from me as I waited for all the different vendors when we first moved in. May have set a profanity record (or possibly invented new ways to verbally express anger) in the process. Not good times, I know. Hang in there. Before long you'll be enjoying warm water, and the guy who didn't call to say he was going to be late will be the furthest thing from your mind.

Oh, and Happy Iz Day weekend!

Bren said...

Why am I not surprised?

g8rlane said...

Thanks Camille! I appreciate the talking down. I am a huge stickler for timeliness and this guy has yet to show on time or return a call. Too bad this is the best we can do for a pool company! I smell a business opportunity! The bar is extremely low!