Saturday, July 18, 2009

At any given time you can tune in to this site and feel the love I have for Rachel Maddow. I mean let's be honest---she is awesome.
Last Thursday night on her MSNBC show she proved her awesomeness again by very nicely putting Pat Buchanan in his place as he had yet another case of Racist Tourette's.
Just look at how Rachel takes Uncle Pat's arm and guides him ever so gently into the venue that makes him all tingly inside: bigotry
The segment ran over 10 minutes, but honestly it is pure joy to watch and I won't even mention her adorableness, sigh.


Bren said...

WOW!!! Thank you for sharing that very interesting clip from Rachael's show. She is truly grace under fire. When I hear someone say that white men are discriminated against, it makes me shake my head in amazement. Pat needs to join us here in 2009.

Bren said...

Sorry! I meant Rachel not Rachael. :)