Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dying sucks. No great revelation there. People die all the time and it's sad, but there is something extra sad when an animal dies. Maybe I feel that way because one of my best relationships is with my dog.
We spend most of our week dealing with humans, but on Fridays we get to care for animals and it is our favorite day. Our animal patients are appreciative, responsive and compliant. Plus, they are always happy to see us.
Two separate phone calls yesterday delivered the news that we had lost two patients very unexpectedly and tragically. It's like we lost our own dogs. There are three parents waking up this morning to quiet houses very sad, and very lost.
The space and loss left by the passing of a pet is directly proportional to the joy they bring us daily. It just stinks that after all that joy, is so much pain and sadness.


Revday said...

Awww. You sound so sad. I'm sorry to hear that your critter patients have made their transition to the rainbow bridge. I know it is such a loss for us humans. Been there, alot. I just think of my little buddies waiting for me at the bridge so we can cross over together. I look forward to seeing them again. Oh crap, now I'm tearful. Blessings to all.

Bren said...

So sorry to hear this news. I still tear up when I think about my babies.