Thursday, August 27, 2009

I by no means assume I have a bevy of readers, anyone really cares about what I have to say, or that I make a difference in the blogosphere. I created this blog as an outlet for my frustrations with our political landscape, frustrations with others around me, and generally my frustrations with myself. I think it has helped. For the most part, I know I can come to my keyboard and let it all fly out of my fingertips. Good, bad, ugly, mundane, exciting, repetitive, blood, sweat, and tears.
My regular readers will agree that I have been known to say unpopular thoughts decorated with the occasional f-bomb. My disdain for George W. Bush and love for Barack Obama are no secret. I think Ronald Reagan was a joke and Bill Clinton (although he disappointed me) is a stellar humanitarian. In other words, my political views are right out there for everyone to see.
All that being said, I find it hysterical that I received a rather rude, if not to the point anonymous comment on this blog yesterday. Was it for bashing Sarah Palin? Was it for last November's Wowee Wednesday? Was it for my shaky foray into live blogging the Presidential debates? Maybe it was the Bush/McClellan lovefest...
Nope. It was apparently because my dad helped us remodel our upstairs bathroom two years ago. How dare I. I do not want to draw attention to bad behavior, but somehow this poor person is equating a father helping his daughter with welfare. Sounds like a frustrated conservative. Maybe they should start a blog.


Camille said...

Funny. Notsomuch funny haha. Just funny that the anonymous commenter - who clearly sits on the other side of the political fence - continues to read your blog.

By the way, Teg and Izzy and Karen and I are happy to be part of the "bevy". Keep writing!

Bren said...

Say WHAT???? Since when has help from friends and family become "welfare"? That is just a weird thing to say. Very strange!

BTW, I love your blog!