Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last night, for the bagillionth time in the last nine months, my president made me proud. It's like Obama is on some sort of quest to make me proud of my country again or something...

I hope you watched the speech on healthcare to Congress last night. I hope that any questions or fears were allayed and I hope you went to sleep feeling a little better about our possibilities of solving this decades old dilemma. Most of all I hope something positive comes from this.

If you watched, you were treated to the latest in Republican self-implosion techniques as Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted "You lie!" and "Not true!" during the speech. I thought my head was going to explode! Since when is it okay for members of Congress to shout down a president during a speech? I don't care what party is in power--it is not appropriate.
Thanks Joe Wilson for adding another shovel of dirt on your party's already heaping grave. You guys are making this effortless.

Big ups to the members of the GOP who all but broke a leg to rush out of the chamber and denounce their colleague with demands for apology. However, they weren't fast enough to keep up with Wilson who blazed a trail reminiscent of the Road Runner before them. Wilson has issued an apology, but that may be little comfort to his party today as they try to distance themselves and defend him all at the same time. Should be an interesting news cycle, no?
Anyone spot Eric Cantor outside the chamber pourin' one out for his homies? Anyone? Nobody.


Bren said...

What an ass. (me walking away shaking my head)

Anonymous said...

I agree. As someone nirth of your border, I am enjoying the "show" as it were with the Republicans and their likely future self-implosion.